Bay Harbor Islands

A quaint town with peaceful waterfront views and a small-town feel.

Welcome to Bay Harbor Islands

Laid-back luxury with a charming location

Located just off of the mainland of Miami is Bay Harbor Islands, a quaint town with peaceful waterfront views and a small-town feel. This area is right at the north end of Miami Beach, which gives it ideal proximity to other larger areas. This allows residents to enjoy the quiet, peaceful vibe of this community while also having easy access to fun nightlife, exciting bars, and world-class shopping. Homes are luxurious and feature grand exteriors with newly renovated interiors. These stunning properties are a major draw for potential residents, along with the incredible weather and easy access to the water. 

What to Love 

  • Small-town feel with exceptional local amenities
  • Diverse neighborhood with welcoming communities 
  • Easy access to fantastic dining and exciting activities 

Local Lifestyle 

Locals in the Bay Harbor Island area live a very relaxed and laid-back life. Like a quieter and more peaceful area, residents here tend to live calm yet luxurious lives near the water. Many waterfront homes come with spectacular docks, so it is quite common for residents to take their boats out to fish or relax in the sun. Other pastimes include running, walking, or biking through the area, as the climate is extremely fair and enjoyable year-round.

Dining, Entertainment, and Shopping 

Bay Harbor Islands has plenty of local restaurants, bars, and cafes for residents to visit and try out! The Palm - Miami is one trendy spot to visit. With a social and welcoming atmosphere, this is the perfect spot to grab drinks or dinner with friends. With chilled cocktails, fresh seafood, and savory entrees, this is a luxe spot to unwind and escape from the hustle of the nearby cities. Menu highlights include the jumbo shrimp cocktail, veal chop parmigiana, and Alaskan king crab. Be sure to enjoy your meal with one of their signature cocktails, like The Palm Margarita or The Single Best Old Fashioned. 
Another great spot to check out is Meat Bar Restaurant. This high-end steakhouse offers sophisticated meals to the Kosher consumers of South Florida. With a sophisticated and cool interior, this is an ideal spot for a date night or a dinner with family. Be sure to try their classic beef Carpaccio, grilled lamb chops, or panko-coated salmon. 
The Bay Harbor area has an incredible array of stores where residents can get their shopping fix. There are many cute, local boutiques for locals to explore and support within the area. Jackie Abraham Jewelers, for instance, offers a wide array of stunning jewelry and is a family-run business. Selling and buying rings, pendants, earrings, brooches, and more, this is a great spot to stop if you need to find a special gift. Other local favorites include Bal Harbour Gourmet Market and Eva Danielle, among others.  

Things to Do

Bay Harbor Islands provides residents with many opportunities to get out and explore the area. Some popular places to visit include the two public art sculptures on the island. On the eastern median is Robert Indiana’s “Love” sculpture, and on the western side lies Romero Brito’s “Heart.” If you or a loved one appreciates art or is craving creative inspiration, these are fantastic spots to visit. Other activities can be found on the main concourse, where there are plenty of shops and restaurants to check out. This is an extremely walkable and bikeable area, leading many residents to spend plenty of time within the vicinity.


There are plenty of great schools surrounding the Bay Harbour area. Many of these are public institutions, but there are a select number of private schools in the area as well. Nautilus Middle School is one fantastic option to look at. This school provides premier programs for high-quality learning. Students have a wide array of activities and academic courses to explore, allowing for a diverse and holistic education. With over 1,000 students and an average class size of about 24 students, parents can be certain their student is receiving a strong and personalized education.

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